Picnic Tables at Rice University

Maybe I’ll miss lunch at the picnic tables with our lab group as much as anything. They say happiness comes from family and friends, and that it means more in a network, a network of family, or a network of friends. And what better friends do we have than our own team, struggling to untangle the mysteries of social amoebae? It’s tough to get together at the same time for lunch, because nothing about Dictyostelium is easy, especially timing. Night or day, come into our lab and someone might be there, 20 or 36 hours after something was set up and failed to progress properly.

We have some new excitement at our lunch table. A famous British food blogger has joined our group, and we sometimes get to try the results of Neil cooks Grigson. Neil – if you ever need a ride to procure some unusual ingredient, I’m on. Today it was pickled tongue, thinly sliced and served on white rolls with lettuce and horseradish. Delicious!

We also had tamales from the tamale lady – catch her Fridays around 11:30, and practise your Spanish. They were moist, hot, aromatic, and served with green sauce. How she laughed when I asked her if she had made it or got it out of cans.


I could do with a tongue sandwich right now!


Did Debbie and Chandra like the tongue?


Neil had his first ever tamale, and I caught it on film (remember film?)


The tamales were excellent. I bet they had real lard in them. I’ll have to ask.


The tamale lady wondered why I wanted a photo. “Para un recuerdo.” Estoy segura que no hay tamales así en St. Louis.


About Joan E. Strassmann

Evolutionary biologist, studies social behavior in insects & microbes, interested in education, travel, birds, tropics, nature, food; biology professor at Washington University in St. Louis
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3 Responses to Picnic Tables at Rice University

  1. Neil Butters says:

    Haha! I’m going to do some more cured meats I think and bring them in. There’s plenty more: pork, beef, potted crab. Thanks for educating me a little in the cuisine we get here too; that tomales was delish. I’m such a novice!

  2. Scott Solomon says:

    Wow, those tongue sandwiches sound great. I didn’t know there was a tamale lady!! I will definitely have to look for her…

  3. Potted crab, now that sounds good!

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