Shipley has the best donuts in town

OK, you probably think I’m a real phony for complaining about excellent but unbalanced food elsewhere, if I eat donuts. But the thing about a donut is you know what you are getting. I remember when I could eat six of these. I remember when I cut back to three, and stayed there until my youngest son, Philip, went to college. Now I eat them maybe once a year. But I remember. The glazed donuts are usually hot at the Shipley, and when you eat them, sugar, chewiness, and fat combine for a glorious eating experience. Cut the fat with coffee, well creamed.

It was warm and cloudy today, and the winter birds are here. A whole flock of cowbirds was eating intently in the grass outside Shipley’s donuts. I didn’t see any tiny cowbird-sized donuts, so I’m guessing the St. Augustine grass was seeded with rye for winter greenery, and the birds were carefully removing those seeds. This was a single-species flock of only around 30, not like the thousands swirling, landing, flying up again at Wesleyan and the SW Freeway that I saw at dusk.

I gave the workmen the remaining donuts to take with them, then admired our stripped down yard. A single hermit thrush hopped around the bare spots, pausing, then pecking. Two mockingbirds came over to check out the leaf pile, but quickly left.


It’s a quick drive, or 1.2 miles to bike, walk, or run here.


Yes, if you’re wondering, they were warm. Glazed is the only kind to get.


I’m starving for another!


Cowbirds in the grass.


About Joan E. Strassmann

Evolutionary biologist, studies social behavior in insects & microbes, interested in education, travel, birds, tropics, nature, food; biology professor at Washington University in St. Louis
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One Response to Shipley has the best donuts in town

  1. Danny says:

    Miller and I got Shipley’s this morning! Its been a Sunday family tradition for years, though obviously given your penchant for healthy eating, this was not a weekly thing 🙂

    We got mostly glazed and then some chocolate/strawberry iced. Yum! Best donuts in the *country*, not just in town as far as I’m concerned. The west coast (or Oregon, anyway) does not know how to do donuts.

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