Buying from the growers in the Bayou City

Don’t you just love the name Bayou City Farmer’s market? I do, I guess because I love our name, Bayou City. It celebrates something Houston does well, bayous, concrete banks, scalped grass, floods, and all. The Bayou City Farmer’s Market is my favorite, because it is a destination, often with music, though I probably stop by the Rice University Farmer’s Market more often on my bike ride home. Yes, you can carry a dozen eggs on a bicycle. There are others also, and I’m glad.

It’s late November, and the market is full of produce. Lettuce, arugula, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, many more vegetables, meats, and many prepared things. I like to buy from a variety of organic or sustainable producers, particularly from the school groups, and kids that are learning to love to grow.

There are politics to farmer’s markets, and they evolve around exactly how the produce was grown, and who grew it. It is up to Urban Harvest to check the honesty of the vendors, and I hope they are working at it, because I’d rather encourage organic or sustainable (uncertified organic, more or less), and I don’t want to buy stuff that the vendor simply got a little earlier at Canino’s on Airline. I’ve heard stories… What I like least at the Urban Harvest market is Atkinson’s. They are not organic, and do not pretend to be. Their unorganic produce is cheaper, and a lot of people make the compromise. What I don’t like is more immediate. They have a huge truck, and they leave it running, roaring, drowning out the music, stinking up the air. I don’t know why Urban Harvest can’t figure this one out.

My friend Pam Walker, has written a great book on organic farmers in Texas, Growing Good Things to Eat in Texas. It must have been a lot of fun going around to all those farms and ranches. Sometime I’d like to visit the farms myself. But for the time being I’ll tend my little plot (more on that later), and go year round to the farmer’s markets. I’m guessing they have them in St. Louis, but that there are several months they are closed. I’ll have to see.


These folks are in charge.


It doesn’t get any better than Animal Farm.




Would you like to shop while this truck thunders?


Highest standards are upheld at Animal Farm. I wonder what they think of the truck?


About Joan E. Strassmann

Evolutionary biologist, studies social behavior in insects & microbes, interested in education, travel, birds, tropics, nature, food; biology professor at Washington University in St. Louis
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One Response to Buying from the growers in the Bayou City

  1. hestermandl says:

    That’s hysterical about the truck. Honestly, at a farmer’s market?

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