Houston, roads under construction, repeat

I don’t get our roads. It seems like the water departments and the road departments would talk to each other so we wouldn’t get major drainage pipes put under Bellaire Boulevard right after a multi-year paving project. But that’s how it went.

And not just on Bellaire, but on Newcastle, Avenue B, and even our own Birch. A drive around Houston is a drive through a construction zone. Also, we ever widen the freeways. No wonder public transportation is so under used. Wait awhile, and Houston will supersize your favorite road. For awhile it was 59. Now its the north Loop.

Our good weather means there is no off season for road repair. We can dodge orange cones at any season. Last week when I drove from Detroit to East Lansing just in front of a big snowstorm, there was not a pothole, not an orange cone, just smooth, often grooved, flawless concrete. Their building season is over, the cones and closed lanes of last summer had a real deadline, one set by the sun, and they met it.

I thought about driving around and cataloging what is being worked on, but you Houstonians know this as well as I do. Can any mayor, any city or county department fix this?

Oh, by the way, that deep hole I wrote about on 5 November, Cycling to work? It’s still there, but changed. The slab of wood someone put in the hole is nearly gone, but someone else painted an orange circle around it a couple of weeks ago.

We have to laugh. I guess this is helping our employment levels. I wonder what St. Louis with its in-between weather will do about road construction?


This time it’s Bissonett.


Sometimes it’s the road, sometimes the waterworks under the road.


There’s that hole, still there, but orange and with arrows! How many months?


About Joan E. Strassmann

Evolutionary biologist, studies social behavior in insects & microbes, interested in education, travel, birds, tropics, nature, food; biology professor at Washington University in St. Louis
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One Response to Houston, roads under construction, repeat

  1. Danny says:

    I can’t count how many hundreds of hours I’ve been stuck in traffic caused by said roadwork over my lifetime. Ugh. Hopefully St. Louis is more competent when it comes to paving the streets/waterworks! (I don’t see how they couldn’t be)

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