Fish City Grill – the heart healthy was great!

Aren’t you tired of the mixed salad with a hunk of chicken or fish on it and the dressing on the side? Why not just go for the fried catfish and waffle fries? Well, at Fish City Grill, on Buffalo Speedway you don’t have to make this kind of choice, because they have some interesting “heart healthy” food. This campfire trout was as good as it looked. If it had an equal volume of vegetables to fish, I’d have been even happier, but then maybe I wouldn’t have snitched the waffle fries from my husband.

This is a friendly, casual place, and people seemed to be enjoying themselves. Don’t get the wine – get beer or iced tea. Everyone around us was digging into big platters of fried fish and shrimp, so I was a little worried about the alternatives, but they were great! I see it is a chain, and I’ve no idea what the other locations are like.

When I go out, I wonder sometimes if a very ordinary place doesn’t have one great thing, and if you order that, you’ll love the place. Is there anything else besides my campfire trout that would be great? I don’t know, but I got lucky and ordered something that was just what I wanted.


Look at that! The doors were open and it is still January!


Campfire trout was really delicious, though I could have used a few more vegetables!


Don’t order the fish tacos, gummy, unfishy. Go to Hobbit Cafe if you want fish tacos. Get the corn tortillas too.


We started with oysters so I can miss them when we move away from the Gulf. They’re gold band oysters, apparently pasteurized???


I’ll have to eat a lot more of them to understand what makes these bland mollusks good or bad. Well, maybe I can guess on bad. These were good, I guess.


How do they do this? My campfire trout was better.


About Joan E. Strassmann

Evolutionary biologist, studies social behavior in insects & microbes, interested in education, travel, birds, tropics, nature, food; biology professor at Washington University in St. Louis
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2 Responses to Fish City Grill – the heart healthy was great!

  1. Silven says:

    I’ve been to the Fish City Grill in Katy several times. Its appeal for me? Hush puppies! They can be hard to find in the Katy area. They are definitely fried, so not healthy, but they’re a treat for me a few times a year.

    I prefer Orleans Seafood Kitchen for their “appetizer” Seafood Fondue, which is so rich and decadent that I get it as my main course and only eat half; the other half becomes leftovers for another whole meal. My aunts love eating there for their excellent Cajun food: red beans & rice, dirty rice, etc. One’s favorite is the seasonal soft crab po-boy. No hush puppies there, sadly…

  2. Chandra says:

    Bo and I think that picture of an oyster looks like a fetus. It is so not appetizing looking.

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