Igor cuts my hair in Houston

I bet you have someone you love who cuts your hair. I hope you also have a doctor you can trust. And this is just the beginning of all the people who make our lives easier in our communities. This is not a one way street. The people we depend upon have people they depend on, in a glorious web of remunerated cooperation.Yes, this is about the kind of cooperation we pay for, not all our deep friend circles that are both free and priceless.

Igor cuts my hair just the way I like it. He takes about 15 minutes, and it costs about $25, including tip, at TGF Haircutters on Wesleyan. I told him I would be back for a haircut, and he told me that would be one expensive haircut, if it included a flight from St. Louis. Well, I’m going back on the 28th, and I hope Igor can cut my hair, because it has gotten much too long and is in my eyes.

Mine was last cut on May 29th, and looked like this:


That is how Igor cut it, and I like it. Dave would have tucked that shirt tag in.


See how long it’s gotten! This photo from the front makes me look about a thousand years old, maybe because my eyes were partly closed!


About Joan E. Strassmann

Evolutionary biologist, studies social behavior in insects & microbes, interested in education, travel, birds, tropics, nature, food; biology professor at Washington University in St. Louis
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