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Natural collaboration on trails: Lonestar hiking trail, North Country Hiking Trail, Manistee River trail

I want to love the Lone Star Hiking Trail, but I haven’t hiked much of it. The Texas challenge is finding good hiking weather not in hunting season. Now I have nothing against killing those overpopulated deer, but I don’t … Continue reading

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The friendliness of Houston restaurants

He told us it was his restaurant and he decided what people ate and when people ate it and if we couldn’t sit there for 50 minutes between courses, it was because we did not know how to enjoy life. … I didn’t think so. IMG_4884.JPG The friendly bar that found a nook for us. IMG_4868.JPG The students hard at work, Gijsbert Werner , Erik Verbruggen (not in photo), Aniek Ivens , Daniel Engelmoer. IMG_4881.JPG Us with the amazing pair, Toby Kiers , and Nancy Collins Johnson (missed her in the photo). .IMG_4889.JPG The angry chef at Rhodos, who thinks it is all right to make people wait 50 minutes between courses. IMG_4891.JPG The bill. Continue reading

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Texans in Ecuador discover and preserve

We may have the entire genome of the zebra finch and the silk moth, but for so many tropical birds and butterflies we don’t even have one life stage connected to the other. We may not even have one sex … Continue reading

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Trinity University teaches your children to think and question

But I love Trinity University and its wonderful professors who seem to find time for teaching, advising, and inspiring the next generation in addition to their own research. … By the way, it’s the Trinity University in San Antonio, the only one, as far as I’m concerned. IMG_2719.JPG There is a bit of a wild area on the edge of campus, and we explored it. IMG_2718.JPG Philip spends time in Troy Murphy’ s lab probing the mysteries of birds. IMG_2702.JPG The Austin chalk is a subject of his environmental geology class. IMG_2696.JPG Philip lived in these dorms first year, and this year. Continue reading

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Are fire ants killing our Texas birds? Ask Alejandro Calixto and his team!

Besides the project leader, Alejandro Calixto, the team on that day included a local researcher, Gus Fowler, and two assistants based at Texas A & M entomology, my son, Daniel Mueller, and Joe Fihe. … Along with Alejandro (far right) are my son, Dan Mueller, Gus Fowler, and Joe Fihe, left to right. IMG_8655.JPG The coastal prairies, once adorned with Attwater’s prairie chicken leks. IMG_8628.JPGIMG_8643.JPG IMG_8646.JPG Alejandro Calixto, team leader, checking a location with his GPS. IMG_8662.jpgIMG_8666.JPG This illustrates the question. Continue reading

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Hidden nature 2: Isabel and the Gulf Coast toad

The mother wondered how I knew so much about toads, so I told her I was a biology professor at Rice University, something that is no longer true, and then was true for only eleven more days. … I didn’t have to wonder long, for Isabel bent over the cover to a water meter, and popped it off, squatting to look into the dark well with her dim flashlight. Continue reading

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Honoring the Teachers with Lara, CJ, and Lisa

The sad truth is that a lot of teachers, particularly those teaching five to ten year olds, are not particularly experienced in science, and wouldn’t know how to put together a great science program, even if they had the time to do so. … Thompson, lead teacher in the daytime program, in the suit, with a teacher. IMG_7460.JPG Lisa Webber in a rare moment of repose outside the classroom. IMG_7466.JPG Susan Rogers, right, working with the teachers, was my children’s wonderful 4th grade teacher at Longfellow Elementary. IMG_7472.JPG Some of our leaders, funders, directors. IMG_7474.JPG Teachers! Continue reading

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