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You should write a blog

Three years ago today I began my first blog, Goodbye Houston. I had a colleague from the library get me started. I used a program to get the blog entries uploaded called Ecto or something. It is no longer supported, … Continue reading

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Block walking for Obama

Only Evelyn was at the University City Obama headquarters when I finally found it, not on N. Hanley, but around the corner on Melrose. “We’re block walking,” she said. “Are you comfortable with that?” she asked. “Most people want to … Continue reading

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Birding the glorious oak at Rice with Cin-Ty Lee

We met up there for the warblers and saw some of the subtle ones, a Tennessee, actually about 5 of them, then a mysterious one that turned out to simply be an orange-crowned warbler, one of our winter residents. … The longer I’m gone, the more the live oaks, prairies and marshes linger in my thoughts. IMG_2590.JPG Birding the Rice live oaks. P5013069.JPG Cin-Ty Lee flanked by two other birders, looking for a hidden bird. IMG_2548.jpg It helps to have a strong neck when the birds are right overhead! Continue reading

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Trinity University teaches your children to think and question

But I love Trinity University and its wonderful professors who seem to find time for teaching, advising, and inspiring the next generation in addition to their own research. … By the way, it’s the Trinity University in San Antonio, the only one, as far as I’m concerned. IMG_2719.JPG There is a bit of a wild area on the edge of campus, and we explored it. IMG_2718.JPG Philip spends time in Troy Murphy’ s lab probing the mysteries of birds. IMG_2702.JPG The Austin chalk is a subject of his environmental geology class. IMG_2696.JPG Philip lived in these dorms first year, and this year. Continue reading

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We sold our home in Houston

I like to think of the new owners happily exploring the corners and crannies of our home. I hope they love all the bookcases and shelves. I hope new stuffed animals will ring the rooms on the shelves a foot … Continue reading

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University of Texas at Austin, alma mater to my daughter, my father, and to me!

They might have put the pocket on the left, instead of right by the slit, so you don’t drop things to the floor through the slit while trying to reach the robe pocket. … Also, I never could feel that these were all my people, not the ones making the secret UT hand sign as they pumped them to their song, The Eyes of Texas are upon you… IMG_7827.JPG IMG_7823.JPG IMG_7770.JPG IMG_7794.JPGIMG_7775.JPGIMG_7789.JPGIMG_7848.jpgIMG_7762.JPG IMG_7817.JPG IMG_7842.JPG   Continue reading

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