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Is this what happens to pie at your house?

We always do three pies, pecan, apple, and pumpkin. OK, sometimes we skip the pumpkin.  We made the pumpkin pie out of one of the butternut squashes from our garden, so it was delicious. The apples for the apple pie … Continue reading

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If homesteaders had plenty of time, why don’t we?

   What if, in the last days of our lives we discover that we have been experiencing only a tiny sliver of the canvas of life? We may have used rich browns, deep reds, and luscious greens, but on a … Continue reading

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We sold our home in Houston

I like to think of the new owners happily exploring the corners and crannies of our home. I hope they love all the bookcases and shelves. I hope new stuffed animals will ring the rooms on the shelves a foot … Continue reading

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We always feel tall in our childhood homes

As kids we leap to one new talent after another, from the ones we don’t remember, like crawling, walking, and running, to those we may remember, biking, shimmying up a pole, climbing to the top of the jungle gym, or walking to school alone. … Louis home. IMG_1459 How’s this for a ridiculous picture of me and that famous rickety cabinet, dressed for my parent’s overheated home. IMG_1524 So the kids grew, a millimeter or two at a time.

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