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Give away your garden before you move

The meadow rue came from Dorothy in Baton Rouge. The wild Louisiana iris came from a ditch in that state, along with some inadvertent alligator weed. I imagine the purchaser of our house is still struggling with that invasive. I … Continue reading

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The perfect Houston home

In Houston we have a complex relationship with our home boundaries. We are not quite tropical enough to lose the walls, replacing them with grills covered with greenery, or porches and courtyards that are as much a part of inside … Continue reading

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How to get your house ready for sale – strip out all character

I hope they thread their lives well with our neighbors, and enjoy these happy walls, doors,windows, fans .IMG_8252.JPG Philip’s toddler autograph. IMG_8254.JPG Heights in the study. IMG_8284.JPG The fish tank will have to go. IMG_8278.JPG Look at the lovely paint job Danny did!   IMG_8267.JPG This healthy grass has not been mowed in 6 months. IMG_8255.JPG Philip tried to turn off his light by throwing a shoe at the switch, many years ago. IMG_8273.JPG This is where the leaves belong, in our compost heap. IMG_8285.JPG   No cover to these lights in the kitchen. IMG_8257.JPG Isn’t a gate at the top of the stairs a good idea? Continue reading

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Houston (Bellaire) has block parties!

There always seems to be a good crop of children, from the sulky teenagers overdoing it with the water cannons to the excited youngsters happy to play all up and down the street, to the tiny tots enjoying the food bonanza. … We pointed out that we could close the street 4 houses in, and that would be sufficient for both activities, but he wouldn’t hear of it. Continue reading

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Old homes have their charms, their wires, their leaks, their hazards – what to do?

I’m not sure why a house wired for electricity originally also had gaslights, but this one did, at least in the basement. …   IMG_4621.JPG   This drain for the sunporch is no longer needed, but does no harm, like a pseudogene. IMG_4640.JPG This downspout was sealed halfway up. IMG_4661.JPG This garage drain won’t drain, fall apart when lifted. IMG_4775.JPG Under this nice tile floor is a cement base that is slowly sinking into its wood supports. IMG_4631.JPG How did this deck get so shifted off its stone support?

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Home of my dreams

When they come and paint over the green and the blue, When they fix the garage buttons we push, then dash out under the closing door, When they take away our garden and fill in our pond, When they nail down the squeaky boards, and cover them with tepid carpet, When they take down our Siena flags that cover our windows, When they put St. … From the home of my dreams we walk, half a mile to Bellaire, half a mile to Beechnut, Another half to Bissonnet, or to Braeswood and the bayou, A bit of green on this flat, over-built piece of land between the tracks and the freeway.

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What do I want a home for?

Louis has these big, boxy houses on small lots. IMG_3950.JPG They often have very cute insides. IMG_4120.JPG The bathrooms are often quite basic, but that is ok with me. IMG_3965.JPG Closets are a huge problem. … IMG_3886.JPG I’m excited about having a basement, but it has to be radon free. IMG_3908.JPG Old, leaky windows waste energy. IMG_4086.JPG This one is huge, but stunning looking, also not for sale. IMG_4087.JPG The best space of all – top floor Wilson, with turret offices for grad students!

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