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You should write a blog

Three years ago today I began my first blog, Goodbye Houston. I had a colleague from the library get me started. I used a program to get the blog entries uploaded called Ecto or something. It is no longer supported, … Continue reading

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Farm to market, meals you want

Great meals don’t have to be fancy or expensive. But even simple food has to have something special. For me that means a certain bite to the food. Perhaps some serrano peppers in the guacamole instead of jalapeños. Perhaps raw … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid of the Houston summer

Houston, summer is nearly upon us. It will last until mid October. It will be hot, humid, embracing, and soft.    You will walk from icy cold department stores and offices into a warm, woolly, almost overpowering and stifling stillness. … Continue reading

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Japhet Creek, Houston jewel just north of the Ship Channel

What if we banded together to save a tiny corner of trashed Houston and brought it to natural beauty? The north shore of the ship channel might not be the first place you would think of, but then you would … Continue reading

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Anticipating Houston

I suppose we’ll drive in on I 45 from IAH since the rental car won’t have an EZ tag. … But mostly, of course, it is all about friends and family, brought into much clearer focus with the distance. Continue reading

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Birding the glorious oak at Rice with Cin-Ty Lee

We met up there for the warblers and saw some of the subtle ones, a Tennessee, actually about 5 of them, then a mysterious one that turned out to simply be an orange-crowned warbler, one of our winter residents. … The longer I’m gone, the more the live oaks, prairies and marshes linger in my thoughts. IMG_2590.JPG Birding the Rice live oaks. P5013069.JPG Cin-Ty Lee flanked by two other birders, looking for a hidden bird. IMG_2548.jpg It helps to have a strong neck when the birds are right overhead! Continue reading

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How many lanes does it take to get out of Houston?

The wreath marks the spot where Martin Luther King Jr. ended his dreams. IMG_4148.JPG Monument to a black man, Tom Lee, who could not swim, but saved over 30 whites in an engineering society he certainly could not join, after their steamboat capsized. Tom made repeated trips out to save the drowning ones, only got a memorial in 1954, two years after he died, and then this one, the second, in about 2006. IMG_4145.JPG Beale Street , home of the blues.

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