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Leaving Memphis

  A mockingbird sang an eight-part song with no repeats, ceasing only at the insistent squeal of a fledgling. Now they are silent. Besides the basil and rosemary in the garden, my daughter has a fig tree and a crape … Continue reading

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How to make friends – try decoupage

We shared the scissors and the glue. Sometimes I used a paintbrush, but mostly I just smeared the special glue on the scraps of paper with my fingers. We were decorating small boxes and jars with decoupage. The six of … Continue reading

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How to get your house ready for sale – strip out all character

I hope they thread their lives well with our neighbors, and enjoy these happy walls, doors,windows, fans .IMG_8252.JPG Philip’s toddler autograph. IMG_8254.JPG Heights in the study. IMG_8284.JPG The fish tank will have to go. IMG_8278.JPG Look at the lovely paint job Danny did!   IMG_8267.JPG This healthy grass has not been mowed in 6 months. IMG_8255.JPG Philip tried to turn off his light by throwing a shoe at the switch, many years ago. IMG_8273.JPG This is where the leaves belong, in our compost heap. IMG_8285.JPG   No cover to these lights in the kitchen. IMG_8257.JPG Isn’t a gate at the top of the stairs a good idea? Continue reading

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