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Natural collaboration on trails: Lonestar hiking trail, North Country Hiking Trail, Manistee River trail

I want to love the Lone Star Hiking Trail, but I haven’t hiked much of it. The Texas challenge is finding good hiking weather not in hunting season. Now I have nothing against killing those overpopulated deer, but I don’t … Continue reading

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Are your tallow trees dying too?

Just now I heard from a friend with 2 acres right in the heart of Houston, that her tallow trees are dying. I wonder if it was the drought? You should check out her blog, Houston Naturally and learn about … Continue reading

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Give away your garden before you move

The meadow rue came from Dorothy in Baton Rouge. The wild Louisiana iris came from a ditch in that state, along with some inadvertent alligator weed. I imagine the purchaser of our house is still struggling with that invasive. I … Continue reading

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Floozy Houston with the azaleas to show for it!

But for a week or two they make Houston glorious, and we revel in our spring, so much earlier than most everyone else. IMG_5328.JPG A lovely azalea in our neighborhood. IMG_3828.JPG When these magnolias bloom, spring is soon to follow! IMG_5669.JPG One of those massive River Oaks dwellings with cooling bills more than our homes are worth. IMG_5326.JPG Another nearby Houston garden, azeleas and a magnolia tree. IMG_5333.JPG Who says bluebonnets are just for the country? Continue reading

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What we can grow in the winter in Houston!

In some ways this is our easiest season, since we can cover against frost, but in the summer can’t cool enough for the tomatoes to set fruit. … Planting these little lettuces densely keeps them from bolting, though that is not much of a problem in winter. IMG_1045 The garden is a class and is affiliated with Urban Harvest. IMG_1050 Not sure who isn’t harvesting these delicious cherry tomatoes in this last week of classes. IMG_1099 Seedlings in my home garden. Continue reading

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Buying from the growers in the Bayou City

Don’t you just love the name Bayou City Farmer’s market? I do, I guess because I love our name, Bayou City. It celebrates something Houston does well, bayous, concrete banks, scalped grass, floods, and all. The Bayou City Farmer’s Market … Continue reading

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