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Cherry Pie recipe

Cherry Pie This is a delicious recipe adapted from Joy of Cooking. It assumes some basic knowledge of pie making, so if you don’t have that, maybe best to also consult a real cookbook. I have a small scales and … Continue reading

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Throw out your old spices!

For me the next 6 weeks are about family and food. I cook new recipes, but mostly the old ones. I bake my grandmother’s stollen and S kuchen. I don’t brine my turkey because I don’t want the gravy to … Continue reading

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No, I won’t eat an egg-white omelet

One of the recommendations from the Wash U Record, endorsed eating egg whites and cheese to reduce stress. Really? Throw out the best part of the egg, the richest, most delicious, most nutritious aromatic yolk meant to be all the … Continue reading

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Is this what happens to pie at your house?

We always do three pies, pecan, apple, and pumpkin. OK, sometimes we skip the pumpkin.  We made the pumpkin pie out of one of the butternut squashes from our garden, so it was delicious. The apples for the apple pie … Continue reading

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Have you started roasting your own coffee yet?

A few years ago I stopped in at a colleague’s office after visiting another friend across the hall. It was still morning, so I accepted the offer of a cup of coffee. Oleg made it with some ceremony in a … Continue reading

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Peach mango chutney is the first thing I learned to can

If you live in St. Louis and love chutney, then I may have a jar for you. I don’t think we can eat all 22 pints I just canned today. This chutney is delicious. It is a blend of savory … Continue reading

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Recipe for longhorn stew

One of these days, I’ll write about why I am a meat eater, at least occasionally, but for now I’ll give you a delicious, easy recipe for longhorn stew. I suppose it could be made with regular beef, but longhorn … Continue reading

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