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Tai-ke, fabulous place for Chinese food in St. Louis!

What is it about Sichuan pepper numbing sauce that has me remember the meal for days? I never really understood 3 cups chicken before. Pork belly buns with cilantro? Yes please! Tai Ke is really good. It is Taiwanese street … Continue reading

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Where to eat in Houston in 2016

St. Louis friends are visiting Houston and asked for restaurant recommendations. Sadly, I would be nearly 5 years out of date. Are La Guadalupana, Hobbit Cafe, Lemongrass, Shri Balaji Bavan and La Mexicana still it? Should I just recommend food … Continue reading

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Houston, don’t you like your vegetables? Fish?

My friends from Venezuela have transformed their Farm to Market restaurant into a fish place. Apparently up in Humble people aren’t too crazy about their vegetables.We loved the old restaurant and thought the theme was brilliant. But maybe it was … Continue reading

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Farm to market, meals you want

Great meals don’t have to be fancy or expensive. But even simple food has to have something special. For me that means a certain bite to the food. Perhaps some serrano peppers in the guacamole instead of jalapeños. Perhaps raw … Continue reading

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How to eat on the road in Europe

Even if you can afford it, you don’t want to eat all your traveling meals in restaurants, inns, pubs, or coffee shops. This is not only for your health, but also to avoid the sameness of cooked meals. Our travel … Continue reading

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La Mexicana, dinner with friends

Maybe you only go to La Mexicana on Fairview at Montrose on the weekends for their menudo, complete with little sides of oregano, lime, and onions. Or maybe you go for their frozen margaritas, or their ambiance, with paper cut-outs … Continue reading

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The friendliness of Houston restaurants

He told us it was his restaurant and he decided what people ate and when people ate it and if we couldn’t sit there for 50 minutes between courses, it was because we did not know how to enjoy life. … I didn’t think so. IMG_4884.JPG The friendly bar that found a nook for us. IMG_4868.JPG The students hard at work, Gijsbert Werner , Erik Verbruggen (not in photo), Aniek Ivens , Daniel Engelmoer. IMG_4881.JPG Us with the amazing pair, Toby Kiers , and Nancy Collins Johnson (missed her in the photo). .IMG_4889.JPG The angry chef at Rhodos, who thinks it is all right to make people wait 50 minutes between courses. IMG_4891.JPG The bill. Continue reading

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