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Don’t kill the ants in the lounge!

Leave some sugar out and there will be ants. Sugar ants, tramp ants, crazy ants, fire ants, you name it, we do not live in sterile environments and ants find food. If you bring in a plant, you may well … Continue reading

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Have you started roasting your own coffee yet?

A few years ago I stopped in at a colleague’s office after visiting another friend across the hall. It was still morning, so I accepted the offer of a cup of coffee. Oleg made it with some ceremony in a … Continue reading

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Anticipating Houston

I suppose we’ll drive in on I 45 from IAH since the rental car won’t have an EZ tag. … But mostly, of course, it is all about friends and family, brought into much clearer focus with the distance. Continue reading

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Houston suffers its second wave of unicolonial ants in 30 years: the crazy rasberry ants have arrived

Today, that song means something else to me, for there are organisms on the planet living this particular dream, or at least one stanza of it: Imagine there’s no country It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, too Imagine all the people Living life in peace The unicolonial ants do this. … This means that mutations that reduce worker expertise will not cause their bearers to fail, so ultimately, unicoloniality is a short-lived strategy that crops up, spreads wildly, and then fails as ants with better workers take over. Continue reading

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Birding the glorious oak at Rice with Cin-Ty Lee

We met up there for the warblers and saw some of the subtle ones, a Tennessee, actually about 5 of them, then a mysterious one that turned out to simply be an orange-crowned warbler, one of our winter residents. … The longer I’m gone, the more the live oaks, prairies and marshes linger in my thoughts. IMG_2590.JPG Birding the Rice live oaks. P5013069.JPG Cin-Ty Lee flanked by two other birders, looking for a hidden bird. IMG_2548.jpg It helps to have a strong neck when the birds are right overhead! Continue reading

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Nancy Rowe, landscape guardian

That was back in 1996, and one of the students watching the finches for the class I taught, a lab in animal behavior, is now a professor at University of Georgia. … Take the time to check out the more natural corners, and before you know it, up will come Nancy, full of information, and love of the place. IMG_2587.JPG Continue reading

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Houston after three months

We signed a few missing papers, chatted with Jenn, making us a little late for our meeting with Chandra, who has moved on to a wonderful postdoc where she can put promoters in cells, then titrate gene activity with drugs. … Returning to our rental Impala, a black-haired mother left our house, baby on hip, a young child walking next to her, and got into one of the three minivans parked out front. Continue reading

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