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Battling snakes on the Ghost River

    I back-stroked my cheap orange kayak up to the bridge and away from the beached kayakers, including my own family. A quick scan of the bridge under surface revealed cliff swallow nests, vines, and a few lovely wasp … Continue reading

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Horses retire in Texas

  Imagine a hundred acres on a rise southwest of Fort Worth, Texas, with views that stretch to a far horizon. Grassy fields dip to gallery forests dominated by oaks of many species. Limestone underlies these fields on an ancient … Continue reading

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Natural collaboration on trails: Lonestar hiking trail, North Country Hiking Trail, Manistee River trail

I want to love the Lone Star Hiking Trail, but I haven’t hiked much of it. The Texas challenge is finding good hiking weather not in hunting season. Now I have nothing against killing those overpopulated deer, but I don’t … Continue reading

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John Graves says goodbye to more than a river

John Graves has died, just shy of his 93rd birthday. It was so long ago that he said Good bye to a River, the Brazos in November 1957. He paddled and remembered, visiting friends and strangers along the upper river. … Continue reading

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Japhet Creek, Houston jewel just north of the Ship Channel

What if we banded together to save a tiny corner of trashed Houston and brought it to natural beauty? The north shore of the ship channel might not be the first place you would think of, but then you would … Continue reading

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Look who came to visit!

Old friends are the best! You don’t have to explain things to them. So many things are not even possible to explain. But St. Louis is in the middle of the country, making drivers likely to visit. Rick and Therese … Continue reading

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Pecos River headwaters, pinyon jays, and dear friends

Remember the Pecos River as we saw it from the bridge on Highway 90 in Texas? We were returning from Big Bend National Park, driving to San Antonio. The muddy river swelled between cliffs, savoring its last moments before joining … Continue reading

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