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How many lanes does it take to get out of Houston?

The wreath marks the spot where Martin Luther King Jr. ended his dreams. IMG_4148.JPG Monument to a black man, Tom Lee, who could not swim, but saved over 30 whites in an engineering society he certainly could not join, after their steamboat capsized. Tom made repeated trips out to save the drowning ones, only got a memorial in 1954, two years after he died, and then this one, the second, in about 2006. IMG_4145.JPG Beale Street , home of the blues.

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Taco trucks, bill boards, and the sky

We did stop at the third taco truck, Gallegos Tacos, not because we could tell anything about its quality from the road, but because it was on our side of the street. … I remembered the Texas conundrum, that by the time it is cool enough for real hiking, it is hunting season. IMG_2541.JPG Not 20 minutes off the plane, and biting into that taco! Continue reading

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Tender Mercies, reminds me of Austin back when I was a grad student

Well, I could write a lot about Austin, since I’ve been living there, visiting, or traveling through since the late 1950s, when my dad was nostalgic for how great it was in the 1940s when he was a student there. … 201102171908.jpg I guess this is ok to post since it is from Wikipedia. IMG_3534.JPG Winding my way to Austin. IMG_3535.JPG Too bad I didn’t have time to take any of those farm roads. IMG_3564.JPG I never did figure out why Texas thinks picnic areas, or scenic overlooks, don’t need toilets, or shade. IMG_3558.JPG Just east of Austin, on 71. IMG_3555.JPG No help heating these homes from USA – lucky they are in Texas and won’t die. Continue reading

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Driving at night from IAH to home

I prefer 59 right now because of the construction on the North Loop, but the Hardy takes us through some interesting back yards, and past improbably gaudy churches. … IMG_3296.JPG This is a little darker. IMG_3302.JPG Right past Jones hall, where I heard Salman Rushdie, and, in the past, operas. IMG_3304.JPG Maybe we should have taken Metro, but from IAH, it would have been slow. Continue reading

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Houston, roads under construction, repeat

It seems like the water departments and the road departments would talk to each other so we wouldn’t get major drainage pipes put under Bellaire Boulevard right after a multi-year paving project. … Last week when I drove from Detroit to East Lansing just in front of a big snowstorm, there was not a pothole, not an orange cone, just smooth, often grooved, flawless concrete. Continue reading

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University of Houston via North MacGregor

There is a lot going on at The University of Houston , and I should get over there more. I had a committee meeting in the ecology and evolution group, which lured me over. It’s a bit far to bike, … Continue reading

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