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Best place to stay in San Antonio

Across the street from our colorful casita a lonesome voice sang a corrido, strumming a slow guitar accompaniment. I could not tell if the song came from the balcony or the porch, obscured by bushes. The next night the sad … Continue reading

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Abandoned cat at a San Antonio gas station

She sat next to the entry, holding still for pets, caresses, and scratches under the chin. She purred at a more intense stroke, reaching her head up. She nuzzled my hand. I went into the gas station, thinking she must … Continue reading

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How many lanes does it take to get out of Houston?

The wreath marks the spot where Martin Luther King Jr. ended his dreams. IMG_4148.JPG Monument to a black man, Tom Lee, who could not swim, but saved over 30 whites in an engineering society he certainly could not join, after their steamboat capsized. Tom made repeated trips out to save the drowning ones, only got a memorial in 1954, two years after he died, and then this one, the second, in about 2006. IMG_4145.JPG Beale Street , home of the blues.

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Trinity University teaches your children to think and question

But I love Trinity University and its wonderful professors who seem to find time for teaching, advising, and inspiring the next generation in addition to their own research. … By the way, it’s the Trinity University in San Antonio, the only one, as far as I’m concerned. IMG_2719.JPG There is a bit of a wild area on the edge of campus, and we explored it. IMG_2718.JPG Philip spends time in Troy Murphy’ s lab probing the mysteries of birds. IMG_2702.JPG The Austin chalk is a subject of his environmental geology class. IMG_2696.JPG Philip lived in these dorms first year, and this year. Continue reading

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The power of religion seen in San Antonio’s fortress missions along the river

Other fights for territories can be seen with this string of fortress missions, extending south along the San Antonio river beginning with San Antonio de Valero right in town, built in 1718, according to the National Parks website. … Maybe it is best to just enjoy the smidgeon of nature preserved in generally private Texas by these mission parks, and watch the mockingbirds. IMG_2661.JPGIMG_2688.JPG  IMG_2677.JPGIMG_2659.JPG IMG_2670.JPG Continue reading

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