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Anticipating Houston

I suppose we’ll drive in on I 45 from IAH since the rental car won’t have an EZ tag. … But mostly, of course, it is all about friends and family, brought into much clearer focus with the distance. Continue reading

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The Bastrop Fires of 2011 and the importance of biological catastrophe

The lovely collard lizards of the Ozark glades are endangered, not because there are no more glades, not because they are hunted for their lovely blue throats, but because of fire suppression. … If only we could embrace fires in Texas, in the Ozarks, in Yellowstone, and on every fire-sculpted landscape before they become deadly. IMG_2745.JPG A burned forest. IMG_2760.JPG Fallen needles on burned needles. IMG_2773.JPG Are any of these trees still living? Continue reading

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The history of conservation in Texas according to the Texas legacy project

Even Texas A & M has released a study showing how much more we should be putting into parks in the heavily populated eastern regions. … P2204207.JPG Brown pelicans and black skimmers at Bolivar Flats IMG_0593.JPG An alligator at Brazos Bend State Park. IMG_0595.JPG Anhinga at Brazos Bend State Park. IMG_0540.JPG Frog at Brazos Bend State Park. Continue reading

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