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Horses retire in Texas

  Imagine a hundred acres on a rise southwest of Fort Worth, Texas, with views that stretch to a far horizon. Grassy fields dip to gallery forests dominated by oaks of many species. Limestone underlies these fields on an ancient … Continue reading

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Flying over Lonesome Dove country

Looking down from 20,000 feet, or whatever it is that this airplane is cruising at, I don’t see Gus or Woodrow. I don’t see Pee Eye, or Newt, or Laurie, or even Clara, the one that got away. I see … Continue reading

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If you haven’t read Lonesome Dove, do it now!

Every Texan celebrated the sudden appearance of Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry‘s frontier masterpiece. One colleague told me it was the only western for people with Ph.D.s, but that doesn’t really do it justice. I would say it is the best … Continue reading

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Look who came to visit!

Old friends are the best! You don’t have to explain things to them. So many things are not even possible to explain. But St. Louis is in the middle of the country, making drivers likely to visit. Rick and Therese … Continue reading

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Pecos River headwaters, pinyon jays, and dear friends

Remember the Pecos River as we saw it from the bridge on Highway 90 in Texas? We were returning from Big Bend National Park, driving to San Antonio. The muddy river swelled between cliffs, savoring its last moments before joining … Continue reading

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Trinity University teaches your children to think and question

But I love Trinity University and its wonderful professors who seem to find time for teaching, advising, and inspiring the next generation in addition to their own research. … By the way, it’s the Trinity University in San Antonio, the only one, as far as I’m concerned. IMG_2719.JPG There is a bit of a wild area on the edge of campus, and we explored it. IMG_2718.JPG Philip spends time in Troy Murphy’ s lab probing the mysteries of birds. IMG_2702.JPG The Austin chalk is a subject of his environmental geology class. IMG_2696.JPG Philip lived in these dorms first year, and this year. Continue reading

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The power of religion seen in San Antonio’s fortress missions along the river

Other fights for territories can be seen with this string of fortress missions, extending south along the San Antonio river beginning with San Antonio de Valero right in town, built in 1718, according to the National Parks website. … Maybe it is best to just enjoy the smidgeon of nature preserved in generally private Texas by these mission parks, and watch the mockingbirds. IMG_2661.JPGIMG_2688.JPG  IMG_2677.JPGIMG_2659.JPG IMG_2670.JPG Continue reading

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