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Texas bed and breakfasts, Bogarts in Navasota

It may be a little more work to stay in bed and breakfasts, or at a place you found on airbnb, but it is worth it for the charm, for the people, and for the corners of town you might … Continue reading

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Prom night in Bryan, Texas

I suppose you already know it is all about the dress. For the young women, that is. The dress should be perfect. It should be unique. The dress should sparkle, should fit snugly and flatter. The dress celebrates your young … Continue reading

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Mooned by a black-throated green warbler at High Island during the great migration

This last trip in April was a stolen Thursday, and we saw northern parula, tennessee, blue-winged, yellow, chestnut-sided, magnolia, Cape May, black-throated blue (!), blackburnian, black-throated green, yellow-throated, black and white, American redstart, ovenbird, northern waterthrush, common yellowthroat, Canada, and that is it, unless I forgot one or two. … IMG_5928.JPG We watch from the bleachers at Boy Scout Woods, and I get none of the joy of wilderness. IMG_6249.jpg What they saw and you didn’t can always be figured out at Boy Scout Woods in High Island, at least in April. IMG_6257.JPG The largest, longest goes to the woman! Continue reading

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Austin! Austin! We all love Austin! Houston?

Austin is the liberal heart of Texas, where you can shop at Wheatsville Food Coop and get asked if you are an owner at checkout, where Whole Foods originated, home of the best publication in Texas, The Texas Observer . … IMG_6113.JPG Kerby Lane Cafe, Austin, Texas. IMG_6150.JPG Look at those cars headed to Austin, as we go back to warm, lush Houston. IMG_6145.JPG Headed home, nearly there, for Texas distances, anyway. Continue reading

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Alvin, Texas, hurricanes, live oaks, and quaint homes

I suppose this could be asked of any small Texas town, and the answers are a hodge-podge of history and accident more than choice, unless it really is an artist’s community, as my mother wondered. … The Texan’s game hadn’t yet finished, so we swooped smoothly past Reliant Center on the south loop, home again, home again. IMG_2354 Alvin, Texas, where everything is scaled down, except the live oaks. IMG_2355 The girls in the driveway cautiously returned our waves. IMG_2360 We could move here!

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