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All hotels have bed bugs! What to do?

First I thought the line of bites along my jaw were from mosquitoes, though I could not recall seeing any in my wanderings around Seville, Spain. My friends did not have any bites, so maybe it was because I breakfasted … Continue reading

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Best place to stay in San Antonio

Across the street from our colorful casita a lonesome voice sang a corrido, strumming a slow guitar accompaniment. I could not tell if the song came from the balcony or the porch, obscured by bushes. The next night the sad … Continue reading

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Away with decorative pillows!

Sleep is one of life’s great pleasures. It helps us process complexity. It renews, refreshes, and makes us fit for companionship, human and otherwise. It is snuggly, even sexy. In the winter it is warm and cozy. In the summer … Continue reading

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Surviving a flight in coach

Guess what? I fly coach. Even when I begin the day in Helsinki, catching a cab from Hotel Arthur at 4:30 AM (only because the 615 bus doesn’t run at that hour), flying to Frankfurt at 6:25, then to Chicago … Continue reading

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Estes Park and Texans

There is a special relationship between Texas and Colorado that you can see in the bars of Estes Park and on the trails of Rocky Mountain National Park. This relationship is based originally on the summer heat of Houston and … Continue reading

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Which Birkenstocks do they wear in Spain and Italy?

We got stopped walking towards the exit of New College, in Oxford. The porter could not believe we were not stray tourists. In Germany they spoke German to me before they spoke English. How do we dress if we want … Continue reading

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How to eat on the road in Europe

Even if you can afford it, you don’t want to eat all your traveling meals in restaurants, inns, pubs, or coffee shops. This is not only for your health, but also to avoid the sameness of cooked meals. Our travel … Continue reading

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