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Don’t be afraid of the Houston summer

Houston, summer is nearly upon us. It will last until mid October. It will be hot, humid, embracing, and soft.    You will walk from icy cold department stores and offices into a warm, woolly, almost overpowering and stifling stillness. … Continue reading

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Estes Park and Texans

There is a special relationship between Texas and Colorado that you can see in the bars of Estes Park and on the trails of Rocky Mountain National Park. This relationship is based originally on the summer heat of Houston and … Continue reading

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A Texan learns to dress for northern winters

Did you grab a coat before heading to work this morning? I bet not, since it was 66 degrees. One thing I love about Houston is that even at its coldest, if I forget to put on my coat, I … Continue reading

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How many Houston trees will die?

We did it for the sod, but I’m hoping that repeated soaking gave our trees what they needed to survive whatever care the new owners show them. The live oak in the front yard and the water oak in the back yard probably date from when our street was first settled, in the early 1950s. Continue reading

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Back to Houston

We can’t see nearly everyone, so it will be collaborators more than anything besides family. What will it feel like to sit at the picnic tables outside what was for 32 years our laboratory, talking with Gerda and Chandra? Continue reading

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The perfect Houston home

In Houston we have a complex relationship with our home boundaries. We are not quite tropical enough to lose the walls, replacing them with grills covered with greenery, or porches and courtyards that are as much a part of inside … Continue reading

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Hidden Nature 1: the flight of Atta texana, our own fungus-growing ants

It happens in May, and the combination of a full moon, a good rain, and the best month of the year is attended to by all the colonies in an area, so the amorous can find one another. … It is hard to look on the ground for something that happens in the air, but Atta texana mounds about to fly are covered in ants, workers, and the inch-long queens and males. Continue reading

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