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Tai-ke, fabulous place for Chinese food in St. Louis!

What is it about Sichuan pepper numbing sauce that has me remember the meal for days? I never really understood 3 cups chicken before. Pork belly buns with cilantro? Yes please! Tai Ke is really good. It is Taiwanese street … Continue reading

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What it means to be a human – the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford

Bows, spears, axes, blowpipes, darts, boomerangs, traps, and harpoons, are things that humans have made so that they can trap and eat animal flesh. Humans make baskets and bowls to carry and prepare food. They have sleds, canoes, and kayaks … Continue reading

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How to eat on the road in Europe

Even if you can afford it, you don’t want to eat all your traveling meals in restaurants, inns, pubs, or coffee shops. This is not only for your health, but also to avoid the sameness of cooked meals. Our travel … Continue reading

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How many Houston trees will die?

We did it for the sod, but I’m hoping that repeated soaking gave our trees what they needed to survive whatever care the new owners show them. The live oak in the front yard and the water oak in the back yard probably date from when our street was first settled, in the early 1950s. Continue reading

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Fish City Grill – the heart healthy was great!

If it had an equal volume of vegetables to fish, I’d have been even happier, but then maybe I wouldn’t have snitched the waffle fries from my husband. … When I go out, I wonder sometimes if a very ordinary place doesn’t have one great thing, and if you order that, you’ll love the place. Continue reading

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Pico’s Mex-Mex on Bellaire

So, yes it was fun, and maybe in the future we should try their more Mexican dishes, but I’ll probably be more likely to drive another block to Pupusa Allegre, or check out that new Honduran place next door. IMG_2347 Enchiladas. IMG_2348 The mole was too sweet. IMG_2349 See the shrimp? IMG_2350 We shouldn’t have ordered nachos as a main dish. IMG_2351 These nachos were a little better, not very authentic Yucatecan, though. IMG_2344 Somehow the ceviche didn’t taste very fresh. IMG_2343 The soup was fairly good. Continue reading

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Mushroom risotto recipe, with porcini, in the pressure cooker

If you want a great olive oil taste, drizzle the good oil on after cooking, the way the Tuscans do.) 3 cups short grain rice, arborio ideally, or barley 2 cups sliced white mushrooms (or any kind) 0.5 cup (15 grams) dried porcini mushrooms (double this if you are skipping the fresh mushrooms) 2 bouillon cubes, ideally porcini flavored 6 cups boiling water or broth if you want to skip the bouillon cubes 2 cups grated parmesan cheese, or to taste. … (This is 4 cups water and I added another 2 to make 6.) IMG_2419 Another thing worth bringing back from Italy – I used 2 dadi for 3 cups rice – maybe too salty, so use a little less. IMG_2400 Stir the rice or barley into the browned onions, add the water, and cook at pressure 15 minutes. IMG_2411 Grate some parmesan and throw it in – maybe 2 cups. IMG_2414 Yum! Continue reading

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