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Where to eat in Houston in 2016

St. Louis friends are visiting Houston and asked for restaurant recommendations. Sadly, I would be nearly 5 years out of date. Are La Guadalupana, Hobbit Cafe, Lemongrass, Shri Balaji Bavan and La Mexicana still it? Should I just recommend food … Continue reading

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The bird sounds of Houston

Open your Houston windows to the soft, hot humidity early in the morning and listen. You may hear tires on asphalt of the West Loop, but you will also hear the birds. Just five species fill much of the sound … Continue reading

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You should write a blog

Three years ago today I began my first blog, Goodbye Houston. I had a colleague from the library get me started. I used a program to get the blog entries uploaded called Ecto or something. It is no longer supported, … Continue reading

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Houston, don’t you like your vegetables? Fish?

My friends from Venezuela have transformed their Farm to Market restaurant into a fish place. Apparently up in Humble people aren’t too crazy about their vegetables.We loved the old restaurant and thought the theme was brilliant. But maybe it was … Continue reading

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Natural collaboration on trails: Lonestar hiking trail, North Country Hiking Trail, Manistee River trail

I want to love the Lone Star Hiking Trail, but I haven’t hiked much of it. The Texas challenge is finding good hiking weather not in hunting season. Now I have nothing against killing those overpopulated deer, but I don’t … Continue reading

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Farm to market, meals you want

Great meals don’t have to be fancy or expensive. But even simple food has to have something special. For me that means a certain bite to the food. Perhaps some serrano peppers in the guacamole instead of jalapeños. Perhaps raw … Continue reading

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Are your tallow trees dying too?

Just now I heard from a friend with 2 acres right in the heart of Houston, that her tallow trees are dying. I wonder if it was the drought? You should check out her blog, Houston Naturally and learn about … Continue reading

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