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Battling snakes on the Ghost River

    I back-stroked my cheap orange kayak up to the bridge and away from the beached kayakers, including my own family. A quick scan of the bridge under surface revealed cliff swallow nests, vines, and a few lovely wasp … Continue reading

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Houston’s best kept secret

As we returned to the top side of the lake I saw wasps flying that could have been Polistes annularis, so sometime soon I’ll have to visit Mac Bayou and Mac Lake. … So, y’all come on down if you want to enjoy a natural Texas lake closer to Houston than Galveston is. IMG_8493 Not a building, not a dock mars the pristine lakeshore, just my kayak intrudes. IMG_8529 The water is mostly fresh, but I’m guessing a little salt left those high water marks on the cypresses. IMG_8541 Tom Douglas and Linda Shead are wonderful trip leaders. IMG_8533 This alligator caused a lot of excitement. IMG_8505 Sasha and Nathan were intent on seeing the anhingas, bag worms, herons, and other things on the treasure hunt list. IMG_8558 About 150 white ibis had gathered in several dead trees. IMG_8535 Rene Colorado, and Mr. Continue reading

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The challenge of finding time for the important but not urgent tasks

I always like to remember the sage advice of my much beloved father-in-law, who is no longer with us, and was a medieval historian at Illinois. … Maybe making the good-enough decision in 20% of the time and understanding that the extra time arriving at the perfect decision is not worth it is a good trick. Continue reading

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Hunting wasps at Lake Charlotte

The Houston area has some marvelous little parks. One of the best is in the Trinity River basin, just off I-10 east, not 30 miles from town. It’s basically a kayak put-in site for a huge bald cypress swamp in … Continue reading

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