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Tai-ke, fabulous place for Chinese food in St. Louis!

What is it about Sichuan pepper numbing sauce that has me remember the meal for days? I never really understood 3 cups chicken before. Pork belly buns with cilantro? Yes please! Tai Ke is really good. It is Taiwanese street … Continue reading

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Have you started roasting your own coffee yet?

A few years ago I stopped in at a colleague’s office after visiting another friend across the hall. It was still morning, so I accepted the offer of a cup of coffee. Oleg made it with some ceremony in a … Continue reading

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Peach mango chutney is the first thing I learned to can

If you live in St. Louis and love chutney, then I may have a jar for you. I don’t think we can eat all 22 pints I just canned today. This chutney is delicious. It is a blend of savory … Continue reading

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Dawn in the Texas Hill Country

The last morning at Double Helix Ranch Writer’s Retreat, I arose before the first bird called, around 4 AM. The Big Dipper had rotated over the house, still pointing to the North Star. It was clear, though by first light … Continue reading

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Wabash Antiques and Feed Store

Join the friendly but busy crowd at Wabash Feed Store so you can pick up some bulk chard, radish, and collard seeds along with a cupful of baby onions, all for planting right now. Or you could adopt one of … Continue reading

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Block walking for Obama

Only Evelyn was at the University City Obama headquarters when I finally found it, not on N. Hanley, but around the corner on Melrose. “We’re block walking,” she said. “Are you comfortable with that?” she asked. “Most people want to … Continue reading

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Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack, the freeway ice house that serves buffalo

We’ve been so busy we haven’t eaten out much lately, so we were glad of the chance to join Rick and Therese at Bubba’s. … IMG_5568.JPG If you can’t read it, that is $35.00 per week, for child care with hot meals and snacks, and maybe the counseling is extra? Continue reading

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